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Sacred Heart International Institute, Inc. is a training center offering programs ranging from practical nursing, skincare to life support. Our facility in North Lauderdale, Florida, has produced thousands of cutting-edge professionals since 2007. Our goal is to equip our students with sought-after skills, professional values, and ethics.

Furthermore, our team of experienced instructors will facilitate the training using evidence-based pedagogical models. We’ll make sure that no student gets left behind during the course. As such, we maximize our resources to bring high-quality teaching to all students.

Mission Statement

Sacred Heart International Institute is dedicated to providing quality education that promotes behavioral, economic, and social success through high academic achievement for both the student and the community it serves. Sacred Heart International Institute is comprised of a carefully integrated program offering dedicated service through educators who integrate compassion into the school’s mission for the purpose of teaching and encouraging students to become the most efficient and skilled professionals in their course of study. The program endeavors to develop in each student the skills necessary to participate effectively in that role. Sacred Heart International Institute does not discriminate based on culture, race, religion, or age. The students must meet the academic and physical requirements to complete their program of choice. Sacred Heart International Institute will assist the student in developing the desire and ability to reason critically and effectively in the performance of duties in the related field of study. An appreciation and respect for cultural diversity, and dignity of the patient and along with that of other health-care givers will be promoted.

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